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Galavantie's 10 Top 10's for 10 months! 25.07.2014
Rio baby! But our trip went out with a whimper... 22.07.2014
The spectacle that is Iguazú Falls 20.07.2014
Buenos Aires: Steak. Malbec. Repeat. 18.07.2014
So Machu (Picchu) 14.07.2014
Trekking in the Andes - Huchuy Qosqo 11.07.2014
Inca ruins, wee smells and tonnes of touts 10.07.2014
Puno & Lake Titicaca 08.07.2014
Arequipa's a keeper! (It's not easy thinking up blog titles) 03.07.2014
Montezuma's revenge, Delhi belly... call it what you will 26.06.2014
The wonder of the Nasca Lines 26.06.2014
In the deserts of Peru 23.06.2014
Chao Ecuador, hola Peru! 21.06.2014
Cuenca ends our Ecuador adventure 19.06.2014
Ah Baños, just the tonic we needed 12.06.2014
The night we got robbed 11.06.2014
Welcome to the jungle 09.06.2014
Not your average birthday - Otavalo market day 08.06.2014
Quito (the return) and Mindo 29.05.2014
You know you're a traveller when you... 27.05.2014
Galapagos. The most incredible place on the planet? Discuss. 24.05.2014
Quito, Quito, Quito! 10.05.2014
Protests, parades and pidgin... all in a Santiago week 07.05.2014
Our NZ top 10 05.05.2014
Auckland - the end of our New Zealand adventure 29.04.2014
Whangarei Heads provides Kiwi hospitality by the bucketload! 25.04.2014
The breathtaking Bay of Islands 20.04.2014
Slowing the pace on the Coromandel Peninsula 15.04.2014
200 days on the road 13.04.2014
Going subterranean in Waitomo 08.04.2014
New Plymouth & The Forgotten World Highway 05.04.2014
Tongariro Alpine Crossing... NZ's greatest one-day walk 03.04.2014
A land which steams, spits, spouts & smells like egg sarnies 02.04.2014
A fraught journey, a force feed and happy times 29.03.2014
Hawke's Bay - Art Deco central 27.03.2014
Mouthwatering cheesecakes and down on the faaaaaarm... 25.03.2014
Windy Welly 24.03.2014
Swimming with shiny mammals... sort of 21.03.2014
A wike bine tour. Another drop vicar? 19.03.2014
Fun sea stuff and being a hobo in Nelson 17.03.2014
Westland. Home to a Sock Machine Museum and so much more... 15.03.2014
In search of glacial white*s (*colour by dulux) 14.03.2014
Throwing off our backpacker shackles in Arrowtown 11.03.2014
Mighty Milford Sound 11.03.2014
Adrenlin avoidance and the Sound of silence 10.03.2014
Rivers shallow, mountains high... an amazing start to NZ 10.03.2014
Chch: A CBD in tatters but surprises around every corner 09.03.2014
Road signs, wildlife and a few 'lols' along the way... 09.03.2014
Melting in Melbourne 08.03.2014
Mornington Peninsula 05.03.2014
The Great Ocean Road 03.03.2014
Australia road trip #3 - getting to the Great Ocean Road! 24.02.2014
Whoaaaaa we're half way there... 12.02.2014
We've fallen a little bit in love... with Adelaide 10.02.2014
Strewwwth, it's a coolie in the red centre! 07.02.2014
And so the south west loop of Australia concludes... 06.02.2014
You've got your merlots, semillons, chardonnays... 05.02.2014
The wilderness of Walpole 04.02.2014
Albany... if it's good enough for the naturists... 04.02.2014
World class beaches of Esperance 03.02.2014
The vast outback, rich mining fields & averting disaster 02.02.2014
Kicking back with the rellies 26.01.2014
NYE Sydney - where else?? 26.01.2014
Getting a cultural fix in Brisbane 24.01.2014
Throw another shrimp on the barbie - it's Xmas down under! 22.01.2014
Itchin' 'n a scratchin'... and a grand day out 21.01.2014
Seeking sanctuary in 1770 16.01.2014
Sailing and traumas, mate 08.01.2014
Getting out to the reef, mate 05.01.2014
Dodging crocs and hunting big birds, mate 03.01.2014
100 days of summer 01.01.2014
Asia. It's a wrap! 27.12.2013
Living the high life in Hong Kong 26.12.2013
Exploring KL 25.12.2013
Boom boom Malacca lacca boom! 20.12.2013
It's oh so quiet... sssshhhh, sssshhhh 15.12.2013
What's it really like, this travelling melarky? 03.12.2013
High tea in the Cameron Highlands 01.12.2013
And a new entry straight in at no 1... George Town, Penang 30.11.2013
Langkawi - the good, the bad and the ugly 27.11.2013
'Antie's Thailand in a Nutshell' 23.11.2013
Koh Lipe - paradise found (with a few small buts) 22.11.2013
Indochina - random pics 21.11.2013
The route from here... 21.11.2013
15 minutes (or maybe longer) of fame 16.11.2013
Koh Lanta... ahhhhh 16.11.2013
Typhoon Haiyan - a change to the itinerary? 11.11.2013
Ao Nang minus Hubbard 10.11.2013
50* Not Out 09.11.2013
When a Hubbard came to town 09.11.2013
And some days just go plain wrong... 07.11.2013
Koh Tao... diving, drenchings and dossing 06.11.2013
Yikes... this is it... we're on our own! 29.10.2013
Summary of Indochina Encompassed tour (G Adventures) 29.10.2013
One (more) night in Bangkok 29.10.2013
Sunrise at Angkor Wat (amazeballs) 27.10.2013
Siem Reap - Angkor Thom & Tomb Raider 27.10.2013
The other side to Phnom Penh 27.10.2013
Phnom Penh & the Killing Fields 24.10.2013
Mekong Delta 23.10.2013
Ho Chi Minh 23.10.2013
Hoi An... oh so pretty 18.10.2013
Hue (pronounced Hoo-ay) 17.10.2013
Sleeper train horror 16.10.2013
Halong Bay 16.10.2013
Hanoi by day 16.10.2013
Hanoi - you crazy wild thing 11.10.2013
Vientiane - capital of Laos 11.10.2013
Vang Vieng - a city of two halves 11.10.2013
Laos homestay 10.10.2013
Dengue Dan 10.10.2013
Lovely, lovely Luang Prabang 10.10.2013
Mighty Mekong (meaning Mother River) 08.10.2013
Laos is already taking my breath away 08.10.2013
Predator meets Snow White 07.10.2013
Chiang Mai - chill, chanting and (big) cats 05.10.2013
Indochina tour starts: Bangkok take 2 03.10.2013
First stop Bangkok 28.09.2013
First stop Bangkok 28.09.2013
Blogaroo 28.09.2013
Antie invade! 22.09.2013
Tears and Toorak 22.09.2013
Soundtrack to the trip 16.09.2013
One week to go! 12.09.2013
FAQ (dedicated to Mike White) 03.09.2013
A handful of inspirational quotes 03.09.2013
Tour of Indochina 26.08.2013
Trip stats 14.08.2013